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Daughter of Zion
Vision, Goals & Concept

Relationship, Encounter & Communication: The Heart of Women

One's own story -
Restoration and healing in Christ.

Being a Christian is an attitude of the heart and fulfills our deepest longings.

New ways of encountering one another.
Opening of the heart to the relationship with Jesus.
Reality and acceptance of one's identity in Christ.
Communion and Agape with one another.

We have increasingly forgotten community, or perhaps never really learned it. Through social media, television, Internet and video entertainment, we are flooded with stimuli and much of the original sense of community is lost to us.
Whereas in the past, community was sought especially on long winter evenings in community rooms, in literature circles, in handicraft groups, choirs and storytelling circles, this tradition is disappearing more and more in favor of the nuclear family, in favor of individuality and consumption. The result is a withering of the ability for honest communication, mutual recognition and the will to engage with one another; in short, the sense of community is being lost more and more.
The price for that global spirit of the times is an increasing personal  loneliness, an increase in the need for therapists and an unspecific feeling of isolation of individuals.

Conversations are also becoming more and more what used to be called "regulars' table level" - containing a pure exchange of opinions with a fair share of hostility and fighting among each other; the more distance there is between us, the more aggressive the level of conversation and communication becomes. In-depth approachable conversations or even joyful discourses fall victim to  a (perceived) lack of time and actual fear of opening up to the other person.

"Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it." (Proverbs 4,23)

Daughter of Zion  is a concept with the goal to call back to community, simplicity and encounter.

While we usually feel more comfortable swimming on the surface, the inner emptiness and disorientation is also becoming greater in Christians. Encouraged by the constant availability of information and the unlearning of genuine, involved inner reflection of what we hear, we adopt more and more foreign opinions. Our brain is no longer able to really process the information it receives. The result is a feeling of lost self-identity and inner insecurity. Therefore, in the connected community group, the number of daily contributions is limited to real sharing, life reference and reflection, intercession is offered in the form of a "prayer wall" and guided to let each other stand, encourage and strengthen. The contributions on this website are deliberately written in such a way that one's own reflection on what is read is not only desired, but a natural consequence - they are meant to lead into self-examination and with it towards Jesus - into one's own prayer by feeling the own heart.

The Heart of Women- Healing, Identity and Spiritual Mission

Women are strong, community-building, social, and life-givers. They are communicative, at least when they feel loved and respected,they are emotionally warm and affectionate. They are ezers, emergency helpers, those who literally jump into breaches to help.

When God gave the mandate that men and women should rule (preserve) together, it was a complementary mandate that He gave. Men are predominantly more purposeful in their nature, more pragmatic, "simpler minded/more specific." Women seek meaning, significance, they build networks and give a power and strength that can contain intangible beauty and security. However, through a male dominance in communities and in our society alike, this very strength is degraded and belittled to the point that it doesn't really come to fruition. Values such as empathy, community, friendship, love, acceptance, beauty and comfort, meaning and emotional depth are not goal- and performance-oriented, but inward-looking. Where they are not lived and do not find a framework, hearts harden-those of men and women alike. Structure, frame and sketch must meet with color, coloring and attention to detail to make a picture complete.

Daughter of Zion wants to strengthen women in particular and direct their gaze away from themselves from a religious point of view and towards the true esteem that Jesus has for them. For original sin and the curse associated with it was broken in Jesus.

Daughter of Zion also wants to make people aware of the interplay between male power and female beauty and strength, without using classic stereotypes. The goal is eye level, not hierarchy.



"He heals the brokenhearted, he binds up their wounds." (Psalm 147:3)

Daughter of Zion also stands for self-reflection and a framework that is not therapeutic but pastoral, with an emphasis on restoration theology. The Holy Spirit is our teacher, and no one knows our own story better than He does. El Roi is one of the names of God, El Rapha, the God who heals, a second. He is the God who sees us - and heals us. By confronting our own history, that which we missed, that which was not granted to us in closeness, appreciation and spiritual nourishment, that which hurt us and also that which we developed as defense mechanisms and false survival patterns as a consequence, lies at the root of what we cannot accept in life and fullness. Where have you been, Jesus? We may and can invite Jesus into the process of retelling our story from His perspective and with His love. If necessary, accompanying therapy is necessary for this; in the case of psychological disorders and illnesses, this is mandatory.

Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say, Rejoice! (Philemon 4:4)

We are allowed to live.
We may laugh, cry, rejoice and have joy. We are made free for freedom and Jesus came so that we may have life in abundance. To do this, we must understand that his message is not hostile to life and does not run counter to us, but fills us with joy, with love, with life. God is good, his message is a releasing one, we are wanted and chosen. Entering into this attitude of heart opens to grace, to love, to true life. To understand that enjoying life and God's creation is not a sin but a goal is one of the main messages of Zion's Daughter. Understanding that in the midst of a fallen world in spiritual warfare, we live in Jesus' domain, that God's message to us is one of promise, overflowing with abundance and provision, glorious, glorious and beautiful, sets hearts free and gives gratitude and praise.  Becoming open to God's reality and mindful of His guidance and messages of love, His voice and wooing, is what Zion's Daughter is all about. His message is simple, his burden light. And of course, the world hates us when we have a source of overflowing joy within us that it cannot take away.  


Daughter of Zion live- seminars, teachings,
book studies.

Zionstochter offers Zoom book studies online so far, Online-counseling and personal contact.

In the long term, seminar weekends are planned, which will have as their content reflection, identity finding and discipleship and would like to carry concepts of openness, grace, appreciative communication into the congregations.

To walk with Jesus and bring heaven and earth together - to become a living letter of Jesus, written not on tablets of stone but on hearts of flesh; to open eyes of the heart and give awareness of Jesus' reality - that is the mission of Zion's Daughter. So that hearts awaken and love for one another becomes joy.

In case of interest in events, guest preaching and seminars feel free to write to me.

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