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Vision- a story to act out

Compass, finding direction, vision

What does she actually want, the daughter of Zion? And is there actually a common thread in the colorful world of different Christian articles?

Is this project a Bible study, pastoral care, community service, mysticism or just an open diary of faith?

Find out why all of the aspects mentioned are part of the vision that drives me...

Eden on earth

A project of lively christianity

"Let's get to it before the soup gets cold!"

The vision of Zion's Daughter is closely linked to my personality.

When I asked Jesus what that was really relevant to him, I couldn't stop smiling and laughing.



"You are fearless, courageous. You tackle hot topics that others shy away from. You have no fear of man at all if you are convinced that I am calling you.
You take paths that others avoid, and you enter into confrontations where others believe they can somehow cheat their way through. You just do it. You create a lot of chaos, but in the end the soup always tastes really good. But when one sees you working, you get the horror.

The reason I have to laugh is because it's a truth I can't deny. I'm usually quicker at acting than I am at thinking, and when I'm focused on something, all the drawers, all the other things, stay on the sidelines. I follow the goal - undeterred - no matter how much broth ends up on the floor in order to stick to the soup image. A characteristic that I have seen as a major deficit for many years and that should certainly not be left unchecked for improvement.

But in the case of Jesus and his ways, it is a blessing.

Because I don't hesitate when he invites me on an adventure, and I have seen so many blessings in my life, learned so much, had so many experiences with him, seen conversions that others only dream of, that I recognized something in them , which I now want to pass on.

Being a Christian does not mean setting aside a small part of your life for Jesus. So anyone who expects in my project that he or she can sit back calmly in their leather chair while God serves the well-tempered espresso will have to look for another project. No. I expect interactivity. In fact, I expect Christians not to sit but to walk. That they carry their light into the world and that they know that walking with Jesus does not mean inviting him when it is convenient. I am his personal property and he can dispose of me however and in whatever way he wishes.

He is the director of my story.

Story is my key word.

If God is the director of our own story, then he has an overwhelming interest in ensuring that what Satan has scrawled with ugly black Sharpie over this part of his epic is also removed. He has an interest in leading us into who we were created to be so that we can fulfill the role in the best possible way. He won't be satisfied with a set service according to the rules, no, he will take us with him. He doesn't turn us into soap opera actors with a lack of understanding of the text, but rather lets us live what he tells us to do.

In order to finally silence the false prompter, he will flood us with his voice, his presence, and expect in every situation that we first accept it. Do we trust him? There are many things that stand in our way to unity with God:

Fear.  Shame. Old beliefs. False self-images. Doubts about his goodness. Religious masks. Cultural and social idols that we cling to, as if our single-family home and our bank balance define our worth.

Zion's Daughter wants to be a long-term project that gives courage and strength to those who want to fully commit to Jesus. Even if it means leaving behind. Even if it means recognizing him as a fixed star in everything, every detail of life. That's why Zion's Daughter will include a Christian psychological counseling service that will lead to self-reflection and the discovery of identity.


 A counseling project that leads to repentance and into the truth. The goal of life with Jesus is inner freedom, to be who we were created to be: without animal skins or fig leaves. Reconciled by his righteousness.

Additionally, there is the call for community:

"Now stop with the nonsense! If there is a conflict, then you clarify it. If you screw up, you say sorry. And if you are told by Jesus that there is something that he wants to give, then believe him! If Jesus says you should give money to someone (needy!!), you won't go broke; and if he says, 'sit next to the homeless person and listen to him', then you just do that. Period."


He's the boss. He is the Lord, the King, and He is your friend. And some things are not even up for debate because he has long since said what his will is in our actions.

He doesn't like to repeat himself.

Because I believe that the Christian life becomes narrow and unfulfilling when we only focus on one aspect, Zion's Daughter is a buffet:

In every Christian life there are hours of repentance and kneeling, but it only works when grace is understood as love and kindness - otherwise it is dead faith. Mercy and practical support belong in every Christian life, otherwise faith is without works... and therefore dead.

Service to one's neighbor and love for one's neighbor are part of every Christian life - otherwise it is an egocentric journey of self-discovery. And every Christian life is under daily attack from Satan. Every single life is embroiled in spiritual warfare that is often more subtle and insidious than we would like to realize. So we need the sword of His Word and the presence of His preservation to get us through this life well.

Above all, and this is what I want to point out, what we get depends on what we are willing to invest.

If you don't pray, you won't hear answers. Anyone who does not seek closeness to God will remain a stranger to him. Anyone who does not subject areas of life to his control will not see his blessing in these areas of life.

God is real. Redemption is real.


Your story is important, and part of his story- impacting all those around you that you touch. Are you ready to let Jesus write it? Are you ready to follow the instructions of the greatest artist and creator? Or do you just want him to applaud what you came up with yourself?

You will see mountains give way. You will know his love. You will be amazed at his brilliance, his timing, his devotion to this world.

Accordingly, the focal points of this project are:

Learn to pray. Find new, unconventional ways to spend your day with Jesus, no matter what you do.

Learn devotion. Accept with joy where God leads you.

Recognize and overcome spiritual struggle.

Let your own story heal and experience liberation.

Accept, recognize and release your own survival patterns and self-protection mechanisms.

Zion's Daughter wants one thing above all:

Leading Christians into a liberated life of the truth of Christ.
Through all the storms, through all the lazy compromises, with authenticity and clarity.

Because no one needs pious behavior and artificial friendliness.

We need each other in natural, genuine, facade-free community and warm affection. I need you. You need me. And together the story becomes even bigger.

I want to look other Christians in the eyes and know that they are upright, sincere and full of devotion:

To the new life that we have been given.

To the truth we speak  and should be.
To the path that the director shows us so that the epic can succeed.

I want to play my role well. And you? Never refuse his invitation for intimacy, then.

Zion's daughter.

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