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Projects Daughter of Zion

Zion's Daughter is a non-profit offering.

Christian offerings have now become so commercialized that more and more people are falling through all the nets. Yes, pastoral care would be good: But five hours for 300 euros is simply not affordable for many people - and that's still cheap! Christian therapy is priceless, and secular therapy has such long waiting lists that you have to ask yourself:

"Will I still have this problem in six months?"

In addition, there is an increasing lack of willingness to not use one's own gifts as a personal coaching offer:

There are already paid offers for "just talk and experience prayer".

Christian personal development? Pay and you get conferences, seminars, community.Don't pay and you'll be alone.


No, Zion's Daughter definitely does not belong in that christian business bandwagon.

We offer you an alternative to these offers here:

  • Offers to talk if you simply need new, Christian direction

  • Prayer and intercession meetings when you simply need community.

  • Christian advice if your relationship with Jesus is healthy, but you just don't understand what he wants from you and where the journey should go.

  • Help in recognizing overarching principles in spiritual abuse, group dynamics, social structures, relationship dynamics. We are part of a society, history and culture. Clearly recognizing these structures and understanding "what is actually happening here" is often clarifying and liberating in itself,  facing a christian community landscape that is becoming radicalized - especially with regard to one's own story.

  • Christian knowledge and deep contextual work on the consequences of spiritual abuse. Jesus: yes, but not as he was represented to you? Sometimes it is not Jesus who is rejected, but church structures. Accompanying offer to release your faith again.

  • Finally: work with your story. Christian, qualified pastoral care in the classic sense and on a donation basis.

Find out more by clicking through the projects. Together with Jesus of Nazareth against loneliness.

Coffee & Jesus.

Frische Waffeln

You can't see through it anymore? Or have you experienced something so blatant with Jesus that you just have to tell it, but no one understands it or has the time to listen? Do you just need a few minutes with someone who is also on the way? Then this is the offer of your choice. Get in touch.

We'll find a timely Zoom appointment and then we'll just chat about it. We then decide how to proceed: Do you need advice or has praying and talking together already brought clarity? We'll see, and I'm happy to be there.

Please refer to Coffee & Jesus when contacting us. This offer is also valid internationally.


Solution-oriented Christian counseling

Are you just stuck right now?

Are you going around in circles and feeling torn inside? Do you no longer know what is right and what is wrong and are you doubting your perception? Sometimes it's not mental problems that block us, but rather harmful structures, false assumptions or simply ignorance that plunge us into despair.

We approach your situation based on the shedding light on fundamental relationship processes. And pray together for clarity, peace and knowledge.

Click the button and register. We'll find a timely Zoom appointment and see if we can help you. Due to different cultural backgrounds, this offer is only in parts valid internationally.

Image by frame harirak
Therapie Sitzung

 Christian pastoral care

Is your problem deeper? Do you need someone to be by your side? Someone who will take good care of your soul? Then here is your offer: Contact us and experience pastoral care that is qualified and yet not overpriced.

You can find out the exact conditions from our Zion Daughter pastor Tanja Krohn.

But don't worry: we believe that no one who needs help should go through this world without support. Regardless of the financial situation. This offer only applies to Germany, Austria and German-speaking Switzerland.


Intercession online

Once a week Zion's Daughter is online for prayer requests. You can find out more in the sub-section about Zoom - online prayer internationally.

Frau beten
Show appreciation?

If you would like to show your appreciation for the offers, you are welcome to do so. Below you will find a regularly updated, public gift list.

There you will find things that make hearts shine.

But your decision, not ours. The products are selected in such a way that they enable attention in return from the smallest to the largest wallets. Click the gift button below. We say thank you!

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