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Citation rights Bible quotes,
Incorporating other authors into articles

In the German version of Zionstochter the  Elberfeld Bible translation 2006 is used. The use of appropriate Bible quotations is made with the kind permission of SCM Verlag.

Elberfelder Bible 2006, © 2006 SCM R.Brockhaus in the SCM Verlagsgruppe GmbH, Holzgerlingen ( As of: 05.03.2024

Older articles quotations are linked to, therefore second source quotations. All rights reserved to this beautiful online bible source.

English quotations are also taken from the implemented NIV and ESV translations.

Quotation rights in general:

I honor and respect copyright and  own level of creation, just as I would like to be honored in my own authorship and level of creation.

If, despite my best efforts to deal lawfully with third-party rights, you should nevertheless notice any infringements, please let me know so that I can rectify them promptly and thoroughly. Thank you for taking notice.


Citations and third-party content in articles

Use of quotes and ideas in the context of (scientific/theological) discussion

within the framework of freedom of citation (Germany); and of the "fair use agreements" United States of America. Sources are named within the last lines of each article. I gratefully thank all christian authors who enrich my life of faith.

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