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Following your heart's longing

How to start?

Dear friend,

I don't know your story. You are not here by chance, I guess. So I want to tell you that the sadness, the heaviness, everything you have done and may judge yourself for, all the confusion and lostness inside can be ended. You may feel disconnected and bereft. Are perhaps cynical, sarcastic, and where your heart was is  a sense of wasteland. Maybe you don't see a way anymore, are bound in addictions, in webs of lies. Perhaps illusions are collapsing. I assure you- you are seen. You are deeply known. And yet, there is a way. For none of this guilt has the power to endure.



The good news


God is real.

And he is waiting for you. Longing and loving.

What separates you from him are years when you couldn't see him. Maybe you are angry with him. Maybe you think you are already too far away from him to turn back. All these are lies. A new path is open for you, now, here, in this moment. The Father and Creator of all being has also created you. With a good plan for your life, in detail and with all his love. Yes, it seems absurd to trust so much in the unseen. But it is true. Beautiful, life-giving truth that God himself has revealed himself in Jesus Christ. In him and his life you see the nature of God revealed.


And who should not love him?

Who should not be touched by Jesus, who stood up for the weak, who healed, who brought hope, who despised no one? The world stood up against him. The wickedness of the world beat him to the cross. For you he bore all sin, rejected all commerce. He sacrificed himself in deep love to ransom you from all guilt. He died a bestial death. But death had no power over him. On the third day he arose, disempowered death, which seems so final to us. Showed himself, ate, drank, celebrated his triumph.


When he returned to his kingdom, he did not leave us orphaned.

He sent the Holy Spirit, the presence of God into the life of everyone who believed in him. He spoke an incredible promise: That he would return, that he promised full restoration, that evil, heaviness, even death itself would be banished forever. And he promised guidance, direction, peace, joy, comfort for the time it would take.


You are created for communion with God, it is your nature to long for Him and His truth.

In Jesus you find everything you seek. And he is not a mute idol, not a religion. He is real, experiential, asking you to return to him. The only thing he expects in return is that you give yourself to him. And ask for forgiveness for all the years in which you did not want to see him nor could you.



So if you need hope that doesn't disappoint, love that overwhelms you, warmth and a sense of purpose that drives away fear, give your heart to him. Jesus says that where two or three are gathered in his name, he is in our midst. I will say this prayer. It is already spoken by one, and when you speak it, it is heard. Fulfilled. Done. Pray with me as you are. You can do no wrong. Nothing at all.

Let's kneel and pray:

"Lord Jesus Christ, I come to you today to tell you that I believe you are the Son of God. I thank you for dying on the cross for my sins. I thank you that you are the way, the truth, the very life. I thank you that you rose again on the third day, conquering death and darkness. Lord, there is darkness in me. I am separated from you by all the wrong ways, thoughts, deeds I have chosen. I ask that you wash me clean by your blood, by your sacrifice and ransom me from the darkness in which I am bound. I accept your sacrifice and your dominion over my life and lay down the claim to rule over my life myself. Please let my old life die with you and give me your life, your spirit, your being in me. Lead me on the right path, meet me. Jesus, I ask for your reign, your love, your grace and justification. I ask for the restoration of my relationship with the Father through you. I ask for a new heart and a new spirit within me, for your perfect law of love written in my heart. I thank you for this new opportunity and gratefully accept it. Thank you that I am saved through you. In your name, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Amen. "

Welcome to the new life! Welcome to the christian family! Let Jesus lift you up in a warm, joyful embrace!

If you have any questions about how to proceed now, write to me. We will take the first steps together. The first thing to do is getting yourself a bible. Invite Jesus into reading and ask him to meet you through his living word. He'll do. Be sure. And again: You cannot do anything wrong. He will guide you. He highly rejoices in his newborn child. And congratulations! It takes courage to leave the matrix...

Is that valid? Is it enough? Is it true? Yes, dear heart, it is.

For HE does it, not you. Its a gift, its up to you to unpack it now. Happy birthday.

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