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Current prayer requests from
Daughter of Zion- Blog, Page, Community.
Thank you for your prayer!


Thank you for your willingness to pray for us and the project Daughter of Zion! We appreciate every intercession made in the Holy Spirit and in Jesus' name for us and our vision!Prayer is the most important, the only sustaining resource, the center of all ministry given by God and for God. He is the giver of all good gifts, he is the one who gives the heavenly blessings, he is the one who builds the house. When you pray for us in faith and love, you are doing us an immeasurably precious service. And for that, may God bless you.
Sibylle & Team/Daughter of Zion

Here youll find our current prayer requests:

We kindly ask you to pray for:

  •     the emergence of a network of mutual respect, appreciation and empathy.


  •     We need a lot of guidance, wisdom and a sure footing on the narrow path, alert discernment of spirit, a lot of love and healing from Jesus to guide hurting Christians from a role-understanding into free, genuine relationship with God.


  •     Please pray for deliverance from false beliefs, influences and the consequences of experienced spiritual and psychological manipulation. Please pray for clarity and alertness, comfort and closeness, and inner awakening after spiritual and power influence and confusion.


  • Please pray for God's reality, His tangible intervention and saving.


  • Please pray for courage, determination and strength to take back one's responsibility of faith


  • Please pray for a Spirit-led, deep, revelatory and congruent understanding of the Bible. Please pray for hunger for the living Word.


  • Please pray for acceptance of the reality of God, for deliverance from Gnostic thinking, and for genuine, real self-acceptance.


  • Please pray for all who waver in their faith because of heresies & gatekeepers.


  • Please pray for deliverance from ladder addictions of any kind.


  • Please pray for the recognition of the true Jesus of Nazareth, knowledge of the true Holy Spirit, and for Zion's Daughter to become a sanctuary of grace, goodness, love.


  • Please pray for deep, appreciative encounter and fruitful sharing


  • Please, last but not least, pray for the understanding that we are not Christ, but belong to Him.



  • Please pray for the right methods, ideas, flashes of inspiration that will strengthen, pick up and grow this community of hearts in Christ toward the realization of God's love for us.


  • Last, but not least, pray for joy. For lightness. For hunger for Jesus himself. For encounter with the living, distinctly approachable and personal God who loves and sees us.

Prayer impressions, scriptures, assurance of prayer, etc. is greatly appreciated.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Sibylle/ Daughter of Zion & Team.

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