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Thank you for your prayer!


Thank you for your willingness to pray for us and the project Daughter of Zion! We appreciate every intercession made in the Holy Spirit and in Jesus' name for us and our vision!Prayer is the most important, the only sustaining resource, the center of all ministry given by God and for God. He is the giver of all good gifts, he is the one who gives the heavenly blessings, he is the one who builds the house. When you pray for us in faith and love, you are doing us an immeasurably precious service. And for that, may God bless you.
Sibylle & Team/Daughter of Zion

Here youll find our current prayer requests:

"Becoming as you see me- God's dream for your life".
Stacy (Stasi) Eldredge- Book Study Zoom Online 08/30/2022-10/18/2022.

Our first interactive book study will start on Tuesday, 08/30/2022.
Please pray for:


  • Protection and abiding in God's domain for each participant, the study, the implementation and technicalities, for smooth running and God's working in the study.

  • Please pray for healing, for revelation of false self images, roots of bitterness, for honesty and authenticity.   

  • Please pray for open hearts, willing to be touched by Jesus' love and healing, personal growth and an intensification of one's relationship with God.

  • Please pray for regular attendance, good and victorious handling of challenge, for joy and intimate fellowship among the participants.   

  • Please pray for the work of the Holy Spirit in all areas of the study, for mindfulness of the participants, for a firm focus on Jesus in the book study.   

  • Please pray for me (Sibylle) and Tanja as leaders of the study- for deep wisdom, patience, for guidance and for surrender to the work of the Holy Spirit. Please pray for blessings, provision and good fruit.   

  • Please pray for God's message in "Becoming as you see me" to be internalized and become a blessing.   

  • Please pray for the recognition of Jesus' footprints in one's life and for opening to the true story, true being of each participant, including us as leaders.   

  • Please pray for glorification of God, for wonder, for peace and for joy in this process of growing. Please pray for faith and hope, healing and restoration of women's hearts.

  • Please pray for gratitude, willingness to serve, humility, love, active listening, stepping back and clarity in imparting and leading for us as leaders.   

  • Please pray for a holy, blessed, consecrated time with Jesus, for intensity and laughter, for deliverance from fear and shame- unforgiveness and lack of self-love towards assurance of salvation and freedom in our own being in Christ.   

  • Please pray for answers to prayer, aha-moments, signs of love, personal impressions, comfort, encounter and understanding.   

    Last but not least, please pray for John and Stasi Eldredge and their team, 

 because they make this study possible through their ministry, their heart, their wisdom and their devotion to Jesus and the used book, video series and materials. Pray for joy, for blessings, for strengthening, and for closeness to Jesus. Please pray that the blessings they give to others will reflect back to them, fill them and sustain them deeply.

Prayer impressions, Bible passages, assurance of prayer, etc. is greatly appreciated. André Wardenga will set up a prayer team for men; women who see themselves as intercessors for Zion's Daughter are welcome. Both may please just contact me:

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Sibylle/ Zionstochter & Team.