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When being a Christian becomes a burden-
Spiritual Abuse Education

"Abuse is when someone else tells you who you are and how to behave..."
(Doris Wagner)

Church Conflict or Spiritual Abuse?

  • Am I being spiritually abused?

  • Is what is expected of me still normal?

  • Why do I feel like I don't belong?

  • Am I wrong, not enough, too much?

The Christian community as a group - the desire to belong. About group membership, group dynamics and group conflicts. You and the group. "To fit in is not to belong. Belonging is being welcomed just as you are." Hello, beloved child of God. We all want to belong. It is a basic human need that we can be part of a community, that we can be in social exchange with others. Humans are social, relational creatures, and we atrophy without a sense of community-feeling lonely and isolated. Groups, of whatever kind, provide us with this basis of a community.

Group dynamics and conflicts, the loss of personality


Spiritual abuse education- nurturing or abusive church community? Distinction.


The way out of abusive communities. A personal letter.

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