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Prayer for Healing Touch

Illness, psychosomatics, injury to the heart.

When we notice that “something is wrong with us,” we need Jesus’ touch.

It's good to go to our healer. And it's even better to invite him where it "hurts us." Your Comforter, Succor and Healer awaits a prayer away.

Run to him, child of God. Invite him to touch you.

“He heals the brokenhearted; he binds up their wounds.”

(Psalm 147.3 Elb. 2006)

Jesus, my healer, my everything, you who live in me, who have given me new life.

I would like to ask you to meet me with what has been stirred up in my heart. I want to ask you to meet me in my pain, in this statue that I stare at. In the part of the body that hurts, in all these inner blockages and fears. Lord, have access to me, reveal to me deeper causes, and meet me here with your gentle, tender touch. Please Jesus, I want to be whole. I want to be free. I want to accept the pain as mine, and I want to see your gaze on it instead of mine. Please come and untie inner knots. Please send your healing touch of truth and comfort to this area of my being. Please give me the strength to endure your gaze, your presence here, in this place, to face it. And please, Father, give me healing. Please send your life into this area of my heart, my body, my mind. Please touch me, restore me. Father, please let me see lies that I have believed and please show me where you were when all these things happened. Please guide me near you and please explain, comfort, fill me up and give me acceptance and peace. Be you the light that drives away the darkness. Be you the truth that exposes the lie. And let your presence fill me where the old leaves me. In your name, Jesus of Nazareth. Amen.

Here you will know for yourself what is bothering you. What doesn't want to go in your story - the fear, the shame.

In the case of physical complaints, there are usually also psychological reasons. Ask Jesus why you're coughing, why your head hurts, why you're losing your bite, why your shoulders are tense. Invite him into your story. I'll leave you two alone now.

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