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Prayer for guidance

Chaos, and every path seems blocked. Sometimes life is a labyrinth, or so it seems to us. And once we take a wrong turn, it takes us forever to find the right path again. Sometimes we have to make decisions that can be both a curse and a blessing. It's not so easy to know what to do then.

Ask your father.

"LORD, guide me in your righteousness because of my enemies; make your way clear before me." (Psalm 5:9, Elb. 2006)

Lord, my fixed star, my light, my salvation, the greatest author of all being,

thank you that you know my path better than I do. Thank you that you are already there where I only see fog. Thank you that I don't have to make my decisions without you. And thank you, friend, that you are by my side to restore me and make me a blessing to all around me.

Father, I need your counsel in my situation, and I believe you are leading my way from glory to glory. Only: I don't really know how to find the right path at the moment.


I have to decide which path I want to take. And everyone says something different, there are a thousand voices that don't agree. Why should I do what? The uncertainty and lack of clarity are tearing me apart inside. I'm sitting at a crossroads and don't dare to go any further. Perhaps I have overlooked something? Father, give me your wisdom, as you promised. Give me your overview, give me your answer and guidance. Strengthen my heart and let your courage, your truth and your strength be where doubt and fear want to prevail. Let me become calm and seek you. And Father: Please give me confidence in your impulses. Please give me signs that are clear and lead me into action.


Show me your signposts, Lord. I want to follow you - not my own convictions and not the advice of others. Sort out, Father, what is in me and let there be peace in the decision that is yours. I throw out a fleece, Lord, like Gideon. Please make me experience a breakthrough and open doors where I need them. And give me the courage to overcome myself where I need to. Thank you. Let yourself be found, Jesus. And put your lost sheep back on the path that you prepared long ago. I am so glad to have you. And I love you. In your name, Jesus of Nazareth. Amen.

Pay attention to your thoughts. Where new impulses come, you suddenly see clearly and peace comes, you will find the way. Pay attention to everything you come across: calls, leads, recommendations, memes, because God's guides are obvious. He guides you. He will do it.

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