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Prayer for devotion and calm

Our lives are hectic and overloaded. We quickly forget who we actually live for as Christians. Find a moment of calm and surrender.

"This one will say, 'I am the LORD's.' (Isaiah 44.5, Elb. 2006)

Heavenly Father,

I come into your presence with everything I am and want to be, with everything that keeps me away from you. I need to breathe, Lord,  to take a breath and remember who I am in you. So many things are fighting for my attention. I want to belong to you, and I ask you to bring my will, my own aspirations, back into harmony with your good heart. Let my pursuits be subordinate to yours, Lord, my goals subordinate to yours. Father, I am all yours, and I place everything you have given me back into your hands. Come and fill me with you instead of me. Examine my ways and see where I do not run into yours. Interrupt me, fill me, keep my eyes on you. For this moment, let me recognize in you how I should be, who I should be, what is really important. Accompany me in your presence, Holy Spirit, be my teacher, comforter and friend. Let me understand your instructions, don't let me avoid you. Father, let me be one with you, fully, through Jesus, my Lord, friend, king and brother. Wash over me, source of life. My heart belongs entirely to you. In the name of the One to whom I belong, Jesus of Nazareth. Amen.

Bow to Jesus in thought. Give him your  Heart. "Thy will be done, through me, in my ways, longings, it is all yours."
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