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Prayer for joy

Joy. It is a light feeling. It makes our hearts sing. Carefreeness, hope and play cheer within us, and the smile creeps onto our faces of its own accord. Do you long for joy? Then ask your father for it!

"For the LORD comforteth Zion, and comforteth all her ruins; and he maketh her desert like Eden, and her desert like the garden of the LORD: therein shall be joy and gladness, praise and the voice of singing." (Isaiah 51.3, Elb. 2006)

Abba, creator of joy!

Thank you for everything that makes my heart happy! I thank you for the sun that warms me, the stars, the gift of life, my life! I thank you that you will come again, Jesus, and that we can run into your arms in infinite joy! I thank you for all the good, healing, all the ways in which I was able to recognize you! Father, I praise you: you make everything bright. You make light in me, and rejoicing, and dancing. I thank you that the joy that you are cannot be taken away from me and I ask you: give me joy, Father, jubilation and lightness. Let me be a source of joy to others today, and let me know that you rejoice in me. Show me anew what my heart is in Find joy and lightness and lead me back to the spirit of joy in you. Come, living water, and be like a springing, singing fountain of gladness within me. Let my soul sing praises to you! This is what I ask of you today, because joy, Father, you give freely and freely. Thank you, source of joy, for your being. What would I be without you, Jesus? Breathe on my heart so that it rejoices within you. Amen.

Walk in the joy of the Holy Spirit that no one can steal from you!

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