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A prayer for beauty

In times of sadness and when our hearts are shattered, we long more than for everything else, to see beauty. We long to see that in all the winter of the soul there still exists something good, pure, beautiful. If you need beauty, ask Jesus to give it to you, to open your eyes to see it, and to fill you with it.

"Your eyes will see the King in his beauty; they will see a wide open land.

(Isaiah 33:17, Elb. 2006")

Abba, dear father,

you are the creator of all beauty, glory and harmony. Father, You created me with a longing for the beauty and abundance of Eden, and I need it so much. I only see grey, father, I only see the darkness that imprisons my soul. Inside me is pain and sadness, suffering and fear. Father, return my gaze to the beauty you have created. Please guide me through my day, show me what my heart can delight in. Show me the beauty of the rain, the beauty of the flowers, the beauty of the sky above me. Show me, Father, all the fullness and the vastness and the glory that you have created so that I can breathe, in quiet comfort. Let me see, feel, absorb your beauty. Give me comfort in music, give me comfort in a greeting, in a loving thought, in the sight of your creation - and the attention to see it. Direct my steps, my looks, my heart to what I need so much. Thanks. Make me see, friend. And give my soul the glimmer of your light in the midst of gray. In your good name, Jesus of Nazareth. Amen.

Go with His peace and beauty, beloved of God. He will do it. He will answer.

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