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Daughter of Zion is spiritually very synchronous in concept, direction and vision with John & Stasi Eldredge and yet in content, implementation and further design is a separate project that has been carried as a vision for years. Wild at Heart focus on the difference of men and women and the right way to meet and understand each other. They continue to stand for the contemplative path to unity with Jesus and the Father (John 17).

Daughter of Zion puts complementary emphasis on charity, the invasive effect of interaction and unity in the meeting of men and women in their difference at eye level, and on the unity among us as Christians in our individuality, the interaction of what we call the Body of Christ. The fullness and completeness of the message that takes both aspects into account is awe-inspiring. For this reason, working with the content of Wildatheart is irreplaceable for me. It is like a jigsaw puzzle of visions pieced together to reveal a beauty and glory that bears only God's signature and prepares for Jesus' soon return.

Both messages meet in unity within being part of the undivided heart's message and the central aspect of love of Christ within the new covenant (Ezekiel 36,26).

Use of materials, quotes and references to J.& S. Eldredge is - so far - within the scope of the released content as part of the Wildatheart tribal membership and is based on the express personal release by John & Stasi Eldredge upon request to their ministry (Stasi Eldredge and Jamie Goudie 03/21).
John and Stasi Eldredge desire the spread of the message and an increase in allies and partners and are therefore extremely generous with the materials they make available to those who share their message. The time to unite the visions, however, is in the hands of our common Lord, the King and Lover of our souls- Jesus Christ.

Certainly, there are affirmed partner projects and alliances with Wildatheart in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and you can find them here:

So who is working with Wild at heart's concepts in the German-speaking world?

And what exactly are they doing?
Below you can find the official partners of Wild at heart in Germany and Switzerland. Click your way through! They do good work for Jesus, the women and men!

Please note the following:
The respective leaders and contact persons are responsible for their respective projects, contents of their websites and any kind of implementation and also price collection. The linking of the partner projects is a voluntary offer of networking based on a common mission, vision (restoration through Christ/being a living Christian) and a similar experience of the grace and love of Jesus. (John 17).

Differing views, other emphases or orientations are reserved.


Wild at heart Colorado/ USA:
Wild at heart Deutschland & Schweiz:

Anmutig & Frei/ Deutschland

Anmutig & frei is the officially commissioned women's ministry of Wild at heart in Germany. Rahel Trinks and her team run a blog for women, organize (online and in presence) women's seminars based on the concepts and books of Stasi (& John) Eldredge. They are on their journey together as a women's team.

 You can reach them at Anmutig & frei Deutschland https://www.anmutig-frei.de

Einzigartig/ Switzerland

Einzigartig is the Swiss counterpart of the women's ministry around Wild at heart/ Stasi Eldredge. They organize annual women's weekends, their conference language is Swiss German, they are based in Nidau/Switzerland. Contact person is Deborah Lehmann, they are relatively "old hands" in women's ministry and do great work. Vacation in Switzerland with spiritual input? That is worthwhile in two ways! Have a look here:



Lebenshaus Herrgård


Sometimes it is not possible to go on alone. Lebenshaus Herrgård offers living together for a period of time, community and inclusion combined with a concept that includes trauma, systemic, conversation and behavioral therapy. There is also the possibility of therapy sessions (individual and couple therapy) based on the Christian concept of man. But that's not all: they have a wide range of Christian weekends & retreats and offer both women's and men's seminars ( including Wildatheart basic). A great project that is located in Baden-Württemberg.

More Info at:


Contact person is Thomas Meister.

Freeatheart Germany

Freeatheart Germany is my favorite partner of Wildatheart Ministries. The dudes are on fire for John's message, take high risks to spread the message, work faithfully alongside John for many, many years.

A thoroughly likeable team, great characters, very warm and approachable. At least that's my experience via email contact and organizational hurdles. Freeatheart ...has my heart, and I recommend them for my male readers from just as much of a heart. "We just believe the message is too important not to take these financial risks." Dudes, that's it. May God continue to bless you at every turn. My prayers are with you. Click through. It's worth it.



Freeatheart Schweiz

Freeatheart Switzerland was founded by Craig Mc Connell in 2008. It is a project that aims to move and set free men's hearts. They are the "Swiss version" of the German Freeatheart, including all the associated scenic richness and beauty.

For my Swiss readers: take a look around. They do valuable work for men's hearts and have great offers at the start:




Live e.V. are based in Bünde and are partners of Freeatheart. There is a lot to discover here: seminars for women and men, intensive counseling, trauma therapy, encounter weeks, prayer walks, worship evenings. An abundance of fellowship and offers, a little pearl in the pastoral and holy romance sky. It is worthwhile to take a closer look at the offers and ...to consider them.

Take a look: