Daughter of Zion:
Theme, goal & vision

Daughter of Zion- why this name?

.. stands for Jerusalem, Israel. For us, living in the new covenant of grace through the cross, resurrection and ascension, Zion stands for the promise of the new Jerusalem, the new kingdom. Not in the vague hope of anything abstract. No, we live in the promise of the total restoration of this earth, where all things will be new (Rev.21).
The day will come when Jesus returns, the Word of Zion tells us. With a beauty and fullness that overwhelms us and fills us with inner rejoicing. God Himself will be an impenetrable wall of fire protecting Zion (Zechariah 2:9).
The New Jerusalem is the goal of all those whose hearts belong completely to Jesus, who follow the commandment of love with gratitude and infinite reverence.

Not slave, not servant. Not "just saved from the flames of hell." Not stepdaughter or black sheep, unworthy, now and then quite acceptable, on good days. No, daughter of God. Loved, chosen, justified. Loved so much that Jesus died for you so that you might live. So that you may have through him what he has: Communion, unity with God. Total reconciliation. And: unity with all who belong to him. (John 17).
Daughter of Zion.
Daughter of the new kingdom. Daughter of the new covenant.Loved, seen, wanted. Saved for the perfect that is to come. What a promise!

Natur entdecken

Faith roots and principles


The Church, the Body of Christ is neither a building nor a particular denomination. The church is all those individual people who have truly accepted Jesus forgiveness and sacrifice on the cross for themselves.My orientation can be found between Dietrich Bonhoeffer, C.S.Lewis, Dr. Kenneth E. Bailey, the pastoral concepts and thoughts of Lawrence J. Crabb, Dr. Dan Allender and a long imprint by the Jesus Freaks of Germany. I understand the church of Christ as a worldwide community with different emphases. I believe in the (experiencable) Holy Spirit. In the basic orientation I am protestantic. The form of church I prefer is that of the house community church. Small, intimate, challenging and close to life. We learn to love best where we cannot hide.

Freunde, die Picknick haben

Intercession, contact, sharing:
"Tell me, and I probably forget. Teach me, and I will probably remember. Involve me, and I will live it."

Become part of the "Daughter of Zion" Facebook community and experience intercession, companionship, find new contacts and get involved! You can find the Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/daughterofzion.de
I look forward to meeting you there!
In the long term, an online exchange in small groups is intended, mutual encouragement in everyday life and intercession networks.
Because together - the way is simply better, isn't it?
You also have the possibility to send me a message via the contact form. I'm happy if you have something to share and will definitely answer you. I am also happy to take up prayer requests.

"And over all these good things put on love. Love holds them all together perfectly as if they were one." (Col 3,14 NIRV)



The vision

God is love. (1.Joh 4,16)

The vision I follow is the vision of God the Father's heart.
My vision is that we understand, really understand and believe that God is good. Loving, caring, personal. That we can count on him and trust in his help- in his guidance, his joy over us, his personal compassion- and his infinite grace, overflowing blessing and mercy.
. For perfect love casts out fear. (1 John 4:18)
God is a God of relationship.
My vision is that we begin to be witnesses. That we begin to really speak out in small communities what it looks like inside of us. That we share our stories. To offer encouragement and acceptance. That we invite Jesus to set our hearts free and to heal, knowing that he will do it. To become free. To give him space. To arrive at his place.
Jesus Christ is Lord.

My vision is that we truly  trust Jesus and that we experience in this  heart's surrender his perfect guidance. For he is near and not far. I hope we personally experience how faithful he keeps his promises. Through a living, authentic, endurant  prayer life and confidently awaiting his answers

( Jer 33:3) My vision is simplicity, authenticity and openness - to make space for the work of the Holy Spirit.
My vision is a vision of healed and awakened hearts. Experiencing peace, love and joy in the Holy Spirit so overflowing that others ask us about our hope. My vision is that we will proclaim the coming Kingdom and, therefore, become hope-bringers of good news. And we will do this best as a living letter from God, in which His work in us becomes visible. In becoming a visible, real testimony of his glory. (2 Cor 3:2 ff)

Beten Mädchen

You are blessed- be a blessing.

Everything that Jesus gives us in abundance is not for us alone. It is also not a priority for ours  Church, but for those he shows us. The more healing we become in ourselves, the more certainty we have about our relationship with Jesus, the deeper we understand what "saved by grace" really means, the softer our heart becomes for those who seek Jesus.
The more you progress in your own path, the more you can share and pass on.
On this blog there is a lot about the love relationship with Jesus and about our identity in him. But the goal is to serve him out of joy, gratitude, out of deep love.

Never forget- you should be a blessing.
Practically, in action. Spiritually, in intercession and blessings. And simply because your inner glow reveals that you belong entirely to God - and know his glory.
Light and salt of the earth - this is what we are called to be.



The blog

My contributions are an offer. Maybe you are shocked by the openness you encounter. Maybe it encourages you. Sometimes I give tips to get involved with the topics I write about. What I have to offer is piecemeal-but maybe it's just the piecemeal you need to see more clearly. I write from the perspective of co-creating with God. I give him my gift and let him change what I say. Then what becomes of it, I leave up to Him. I hope you find something challenging, something blessing, something healing, something uplifting in what I write. And I hope you will then take it into your life to water it and make it blossom.

No author likes to live without feedback!
Did you like what you read? Did it bless you? And what touched you?
I look forward to your comments, message and engagement with what I offer you in love!

No website becomes known without support!

If you feel blessed by my offer, recommend me! Share the posts on social media, forward the blog to friends, talk about what you have found so that the network of love can grow.


No vision, no ministry thrives without prayer!

I am grateful for every spoken prayer in the Holy Spirit for this starting project. The goal is greater than what is currently emerging here as a beginning. I am thankful for anyone who would like to make a long term commitment to pray for the vision. You can learn about prayer requests in detail by contacting me. So if you feel blessed, it would be great to welcome you to the prayer team. Currently I ask for prayer for all who visit this site, for blessings for the project and the spreading of the same. Above all, I ask for prayer that God will use this site unstoppably for His purposes, that it will bring glory to His name, and that Jesus will guide me in His Spirit every step of the way. I could not appreciate more than your earnest prayer. Everything else is in God's hands.

Thank you so much for your support!

"You shouldn’t be called “teacher”. You have one Teacher, and he is the Messiah." (Mt 23,10, NIRV)