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Prayer for Ukraine- request for God's intervention

"But we urge you, brothers, to warn the disorderly, to comfort the fainthearted, to care for the weak, to be patient with everyone. 15 See to it that no one gives evil for evil, but always do what is right, both for one another and for everyone. 16 Rejoice always. 17 Pray without ceasing. 18 In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. 19 Do not put a damper on the Spirit. 20 Do not despise prophecy. 21 Examine everything; keep what is good. 22 Keep away from evil in every form. (1 Thes. 5:17, Elberfelder Transl.)

"From David. To you, O LORD, I cry; my Rock, do not turn away from me in silence, lest you fall silent against me[1] and I become ⟨so⟩ like those who go down to the pit! 2 Hear the voice of my supplication when I cry out to you, when I lift up my hands to your holy temple room[2]. 3 Do not tear me away with the wicked and with evildoers who speak peaceably to their neighbors but have evil in their hearts. 4 Give unto them according to their doings, and according to the wickedness of their deeds; according to the work of their hands give unto them, forgive them their deeds. 5 For they regard not the deeds of the LORD, nor the work of his hands. He will destroy them, and not build them up. 6 Blessed be the LORD, for he has heard the voice of my supplications. 7 The LORD is my strength and my shield; in him my heart has trusted, and I have been helped; therefore my heart rejoices, and I will praise him with my song. 8 The LORD is their[3] strength, and he is a saving fortress[4] for his anointed. 9 Save your people[5] and bless your inheritance; feed them and sustain them forever." (Psalm 28)

"The LORD is King! He has clothed himself with majesty! The LORD has clothed himself, with strength he has girded himself! Yes, the world stands firm; it will not waver. 2 Thy throne is established from of old; from everlasting thou art. 3 Rivers lifted up, O LORD; rivers lifted up their roaring; rivers lifted up their shouting. 4 Mightier than the roar of mighty waters, mighty breakers of the sea, ⟨mightier⟩ is the LORD on high. 5 Your testimonies are very reliable. Holiness is due to your house, O LORD, for all time" (Psalm 93).

My dear friends and fellow brothers and sisters.

Pray without ceasing. The effectiveness of prayer is our strongest weapon as Christians, faith in God's irrevocable sovereignty our support.

We are all shaken by the events in Ukraine, the cold-bloodedness of Putin, the oppression, the invasion, the deaths, and the wave of refugees that is unceasingly growing. What is happening in Ukraine is an injustice that makes our blood run cold. We as Christians have a mission: the mission to pray and ask for God's invasion. We have the mission to stand in such times with those who ask, implore and need our help - not only with pious wishes, but practically with help and action.

Above all, however, we have the promise of an all-around sovereign and living God that we, as His children through Jesus Christ, love and grace, the Messiah and King of our hearts, may come before the good Father to ask together for His intervention where dark forces take control. Nothing changed history in the Old Testament and also in the New Testament as much as praying people turning back to God, pleading, asking, and believing.

The Ukraine war presents the world community with an almost intractable stalemate. We all believe that Putin will stop at nothing to assert his claim to power - and already on the 2nd day of the invasion he has put nuclear weapons on alert as a threatening gesture. Is justice being served by intervening now? Does one take thus the third world war in purchase? Or is Ukraine being left as a lamb to the slaughter in order to prevent greater catastrophes?

Human wisdom will get us nowhere.

And so, knowing that God has possibilities, ways so much higher than ours, an overview that far exceeds ours, I call all prayer warriors to join this prayer, to ask for God's intervention and wisdom.

Please pray with me:

Almighty, loving Father, only God, Creator, Savior, eternal and sovereign God, we come before you as your children through Jesus Christ, your only begotten and eternal Son. We come before you and ask you to guide this prayer in the Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit, we abandon ourselves to you, may you be the one who, with inexpressible sighs, vouches for us, for our intentions. Let us be in you with all that we are as we now come before you for our intentions. In the name of Jesus, all thoughts, feelings, all human nature that oppose you and your will, Father, are defeated and bound. In Jesus' name is the liberation and release of all heavenly blessings and the blessing of our unity with you and your will, which we now ask for. We thank you for the grace, the love, the unimaginable blessing of being able to come before you as your children without fear, shame and doubt. In all that we pray, we are in agreement and communion with all the brothers and sisters and prayers that are said in the Holy Spirit - and only and exclusively in your Holy Spirit.

Father, we ask for your heavenly armies, that you may send them to Ukraine and that they may fulfill your will on the ground. We pray that the Russian attack will lose its effectiveness, that bombs will not reach their target. We ask you to disarm and disempower all nuclear weapons. We ask you for sabotage and failure of technical means. We ask you to turn the weapons of war into plowshares and to show that you are not on the side of the oppressor, but far above him. We ask you, Lord, that the senselessness of this war be realized by all Russians and that they refuse to obey. We ask you that you bring to Russia, announce all the news that reflect the true situation and the instrument of power of press censorship is successfully subverted. We ask you for deep doubts about Putin's plans in his leadership, we ask you for delay and blockades within the Russians' troop increase at every turn. We ask you for safe escapes for deserters on the Russian side, for generals who do not carry out orders, and your protection for a country helpless in the face of an aggressive superior force. Lord, we come before you for all innocent people involved in this war. Protect them, Lord, protect lives, intervene supernaturally, guide them to safe places. We pray for the children. Please, Lord, do not let lives end that have just begun. Spare the mothers the loss of their children, spare them their pain. Where the attacks of the enemy came through, come with your comfort and grace, and gather their tears to give back what was taken. Lord, strengthen the hearts of all our brothers and sisters in faith who are currently in the war zones. Strengthen them in spirit and protect them with your presence. Open their ears to your direction and give them the impulses that will safely guide them. Lord, be in their midst and let them lose their fear by lifting up your name. Give them the strength to look to you while chaos and war reign around them, that they may be light, be strength, be strength for the people you have placed around them. Do not let their prayers go unheard, but hasten to their aid without delay. Father, we ask that you make this war impossible and ineffective. We ask you to bring to safety all those who reach out to you, we ask you to put angels in their way as you did with Balaam once when they want to go to places of danger. Let invisible barriers arise everywhere where they should not go and open doors where you want to guide them.

Lord, we ask for your blessings, your gifts and your guidance for all those who, as disaster relief workers, are currently giving their lives to help others. We ask for blessing, protection and your grace for all journalists, for all who provide true information in Ukraine and Russia. We ask for civil courage and about the strength that comes only from your spirit. We ask that all relief supplies reach their destinations unhindered. We ask that the basements of hospitals remain undamaged during bombings and that you protect the sick, the weak, the newborn. Lord, we ask that no one ignores the appeal for donations, the opening of doors and homes, which you personally give them. We ask that you capture every thought of unwillingness and selfishness in your children in Jesus' name and give obedience, faith and trust. Lord, we ask that you send, commission, authorize and equip workers to bind up wounds, provide support, comfort and pastoral care on the ground. We ask you for all those who are desperately defending their country, that you equip them, that you guide and protect them.

We ask that the Russian government will collapse, that Russia will open up, and that you will free all who are trapped in a system that controls thought, that restricts personal freedom, and that is ruled by fear and terror. All this is not from you, Lord, and we ask that you bring your truth to these dark places.

Lord, we ask you for wisdom for all leaders, whether they are leaders of churches, charities, hospitals, government agencies, or high-ranking politicians and leaders of nations. We ask that you bring your wisdom, your timing, and prevent rash actions as well as cowardly retreat and lukewarmness. We ask that you guide at all times with your clarity and sovereignty and do not waver until your will is done on earth - for your honor, for your glory, for your glorification alone. We know and confess that you are good, Lord, of infinite beauty, power and glory. We know and confess that you are love and not death, destruction and darkness. We confess that you are not a God who is far away, but near, not a silent idol, but the living and speaking God who intervenes concretely here on earth. We confess that we honor you and believe in you. We confess that our heart belongs to you undividedly and that in you lies all our hope. Lord, use this conflict as an opportunity to draw people to you. Show that all worldly rulers as well as dark powers must obey you, that you have won the victory at Calvary and through your resurrection. Lord, let your kingdom arise in the hearts of your children and true followers, on earth as in heaven. Send clear signs, confirmation and encouragement to the praying, Lord, on earth. Give unity in spirit and let us stand together, no matter what denomination we belong to. Let human works fade into the background as we look to you. Jesus, you friend, you savior, you prince of peace: come. Come into the hearts of all whose hearts long for you. Come with your peace, your wisdom, your omnipotence, and let the world know how glorious you are.

We call for you, come, Jesus.

Lord, let regional boundaries between people give way. Unite your children in a common goal, the goal of proclaiming d a victory and seeing the world bow before you.

We believe in you, in the effectiveness of this prayer, and we thank you that we will see - protection, answers to prayer, your handwriting in the events.

Everything we pray, we submit to your will, and while doing so, we remember that you are good. Perfect, pure glory. We remember that you love us so much that you gave us your only begotten Son to deliver us from all darkness and sin. We fix our eyes not on what we see, but on what we cannot yet see: Your coming Kingdom on earth, in which all tears will be wiped away and death and sorrow will be no more. We look in hope to the end when all things will be new - a new Genesis, a new Eden on earth. We look to you and your victory and return and confess your greatness.

We thank you that we can be sure that you will answer our prayers. We thank you that we can believe in the power of prayer. Lord, where we do not believe, help our unbelief and close every door of weakening and doubt in your goodness, greatness and faithfulness.

We pray in your name, Jesus. Let us not be weary, but arise and awaken. Pour out the gift of faith on all hearts, pour out your love in all hearts, your truth, your strength and your confidence in the midst of chaos and darkness. Let us take hold of what you prepare for us on the table in the face of our enemies and guide each one in your blessing, protection and preservation.

Lastly, we bless Putin, the man so caught up in darkness and persecution, obsession with power and ice-cold calculations of megalomania. Lord, give him a Saul moment. Intervene and reveal your truth, your true nature. Bring him to repentance, Lord, and make him a powerful tool in your hand instead of Satan's. This we ask in unity and agreement in your name, Jesus. Amen.

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