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Authority in Christ- Men and Women in Spiritual Warfare

My dear friends, dear followers

Male authority is a great thing.

In fact, I love men for their decisiveness, their clarity, their sobriety in many things. No one builds a house without clear plans, and no one protects an inheritance without defense. The strength of a man is extremely attractive when it is saturated with the love and devotion of Jesus. It is security that they provide - the true men of God. It is power that works for good. It is authority that does not have to prove itself, but flows naturally, without having to dominate.

Yet God has chosen not one but two ways to express himself on earth – through men AND women.

To understand how this affects spiritual warfare, we need to delve a little deeper into the different gifts that men and women carry. Indeed, the two sexes have different strengths and weaknesses and differ in their missions.

So far, equality has been widely equated with women being able to "do the same things as men". I would strongly disagree with that.

We are different, and even brain research has already proven that we are not different in a "better/worse" way, that it is not a matter of more important/unimportant or even stronger/weaker categories. No: We have different areas of responsibility that complement each other. The greatest curse of humanity is the evaluation, the devaluation of femininity as negligible and a "mistake".

The spiritual battle is real. Demons exist, although more often than not they pose as beings of light - as angels, wise counselors, even as Christ himself.

If we are honest: That is to be expected!

Lucifer was not really pleased with the glory that others wore, and it is his absolute goal to mislead, especially those he hates to the core. So trickery and misdirection is the first route he chooses - infiltration and deception.

The biggest problem the Christian community has, in my opinion, is the medieval depiction of demons: the stench of sulphur, darkness and hellish laughter, ugliness and open anger, open rage, open hatred. But Satan's weapons are much more subtle.

To seduce the chosen ones, he has to do more: he tickles the ego. He widens the gap between men and women instead of letting the symbiosis unfold its full power. He plays with the eternal promise that we will be godlike and he questions the fact that we have to submit to God. He promises us creative power and self-determination. He makes us the star and we don't even notice how much our reward system and our vanity let us down.

"We have authority in the name of Jesus!"

My goodness, how many arguments I have had with people about this sentence. And it always ends with the assumption that I completely reject this authority, this being hidden in God, and allow myself to be overrun by Satan like a sacrificial lamb. That is certainly - not true.

The point is that you have to understand this authorization of Christ properly for it to be really effective. When we say "In Jesus' name these demons must go!" we are not saying a magic formula in self-importance. We are confessing the name of Jesus. In Jesus the demons are bound, let's say in short. In Jesus the suffering is bound, in Jesus is the hope, the power, the strength, in Jesus they are judged. If we lose focus, we behave just like those who thought that this formula alone would give them the power to command Satan.

This is the worst misunderstanding of spiritual warfare.

Yes, we have authority in Jesus, exactly when he gives it to us.

The disciples of Jesus had such incredible authority because Jesus had given it to them beforehand. He sent them out, the 72, to go ahead, to drive out demons in settlements, to heal the sick, to bless, to proclaim the coming kingdom before HE HIMSELF entered these places. For this he gave them authority, which he clearly gave as a task on that day, at that time. And yes: if we receive such tasks, we can be sure that Jesus is with us.

What it was not, however, was a general power of attorney. It was clearly tied to the belief that Jesus had the power to command those demons, and it was also clearly tied to the mission they had as disciples: to proclaim repentance to God and to announce the Messiah.

If I - in my position - have the authority to transfer money to certain people, this does not mean that I can transfer money to and fro at my own discretion. There are rules, and it has to be agreed with my boss - otherwise I will ruin the company. Aimless demon hunting - transferred to spiritual warfare - is therefore not our mission or the goal of our faith.

A while ago I read a book because the men/women debate was firstly getting on my nerves and secondly getting to my guts. The question of how I can explain how the two interact and how we can enter into a dance with one another, into a symbiosis that fertilizes and bears fruit, has occupied me for decades.

I believe that we need to recognize what our tasks are and where the limitations of those tasks lie - both those of men and women. To do this, we need to be on an equal footing, instead of overemphasizing and celebrating one side while the other falls behind - and that applies to rigid insistence on male superiority as well as to Christian feminism - because both are not productive, massively accusatory and devaluing, and I do not recognize the work of the Holy Spirit in any of that.

The book I was reading was written by Rabbi Aaron Raski, ironically an ultra-Orthodox Jew. Ultra-Orthodox is the strictest, most conservative Jewish denomination you can follow.

But this Rabbi understood something: the interplay, the different strengths and weaknesses of the sexes and the mystery of the spiritual reality behind the different hearts.

First of all: The Rabbi emphasizes that Judaism does not recognize a hierarchy in the sense of the value of men and women, and that Judaism even states that women are wiser than men in some areas. He points out that Ezer Keneg'do, a term that is often used today, does not mean a man's servant, nor does it mean exclusively supplementary help (side) to the man. He explains that Ezer Keneg'do has another meaning: "Opposing, opposing the man." He says that the woman will oppose the man in clear opposition if he abandons the ways of God.

He goes on to say that in Judaism, the man embodies the Torah, the law, the structure, while the woman carries the interpretation, the implementation and the application in everyday life. She makes the laws applicable and she reveals the life-giving, the blessing in the laws, while men embody the structural, the progress and the solid grounding in the Word of God.

But a law whose meaning and life-giving purpose is not understood or even rejected, in which femininity is rejected, becomes hard, stubborn, unjust and dominating. It is robbed of its meaning.

Rabbi Aaron L. Raski goes on to say that the Sabbath is feminine. That there are Jewish laws that are not imposed on women because they embody the Sabbath itself: life, blessing, renewal, fertility. Warmth, meaning, relationships and the maintenance of social interaction as well as turning to God. They are the ones who make the first sacrifice on the Sabbath, they are the ones who inaugurate the Sabbath as a blessing, the first to enter into the presence of God.

When we compare this with the women who were the first to see the resurrected Christ, life itself, it can take our breath away.

We need structures, there's no point in biting off a thread. We need rules, and we need men who use their strength. When a man is healed, not toxic in his behavior, not violent, and not forced to use his own authority and assert it rudely out of insecurity, then his presence is a stronghold of power. His clarity and his confident movement in society are a blessing for everyone. They are good kings and leaders, such men, because they put the well-being of the community and achieving the goal first. They are friendly and sure in their judgment, without being narrow-minded and cruel. They are warriors for God, ready to protect what has been entrusted to them, good administrators who want to create a society in which we can move safely. Their goal is to give their lives for families, children, for the common good. They do not oppress and do not enrich themselves - and yet the fight for good is something that will demand authority, power of action and strength from them.

Women fill with meaning, with relationships, and they will raise their voices when men advance unhindered in their drive for structure and progress.

They are indeed men holding back for the sake of the good. For the sake of justice. When men lose sight of the goal, when they are overwhelmed by their own aggressive-advancing force, women stand up.

They warn. They say: "What you are creating here, man, is no longer in God's plan." "What you are creating creates oppression, banishes beauty, steals quality of life. You are losing your way."

Women examine laws for their feasibility, for their applicability to the community, for beneficial living conditions - and also for whether they bring suffering or life - blessing or curse. And they stop men when suffering and curse begin to predominate. Because it was and has always been the task of women to save, to bless, to let beauty blossom. To nourish, to bring joy and relaxation, renewal to hearts. To build networks of relationships, and to mitigate, denounce and clearly name injustices.

However, unchecked growth has a clear name within biology: cancer.

Unchecked growth - economic, spiritual, personal - inevitably becomes a torrent that floods everything, a hurricane that destroys, a steamroller that overruns everything that is not strong enough to stand against it.

Balance is needed – a balance that accepts differences and allows tasks to flow together: on all levels of our being.

  • You can't color a picture without having structures first.

  • You cannot build a house unless the blueprints, framework and walls have been created first.

  • You cannot mill grain unless it has been grown first.

  • You cannot give birth to a child unless it has been conceived first.

  • But you cannot beget a child without the one who gives life receiving it, providing everything, giving herself and having the strength to give birth to it.

In spiritual warfare, this means that women and men carry different authorities, but they absolutely belong together:

  • Men are the ones who protect the land, while women speak life into it.

  • Men keep the enemy at bay while women run onto the battlefield and collect the wounded and open escape routes.

  • Men command the troops, while women jump into the rush and close the gates of the attack.

  • Men drive away the enemy, women speak new life into the desolate land.

Yes, of course.

Even we women can, when we are threatened with being overrun, seize authority in Christ and say firmly: "You are not coming in here!" slam the window in demons' faces and hit them on the head with a hammer." But it is different when thought about.

What I would really like is for the battle of the sexes in the Christian world to give way to a sense of togetherness. That people realize how valuable symbiosis is, how spiritually relevant the cooperation between men and women really is, instead of further cementing separate pews, prayer meetings and subject areas.

I would like us to show each other respect, consideration and honor, because at the end of the day, the victory, the authority, the great, eternal plan is not ours, but God's.

I would like to see men and women begin to pray together in their missions and strengths, without one side being considered more relevant than the other.

Where two rivers meet, a large stream is created.

May we learn that demons cannot be driven out with force - only with authority. May we learn that where war has reigned, countries are desolate and we must speak life. And may we simply try out what actually happens when the man first brings the structure and then allows the woman to bring it to life.

Because if we only fight against demons, we have not truly taken the land for Jesus, and the desert will not become Eden.

Blessed are you wonderful men of God with zealous, burning hearts and a strength that we women value. You may command - but not without measure. Listen to your wives when they say: Here - you lose sight of the King you fight for. And let us never leave a house unadorned and uncleaned from which we have previously driven out uninvited guests - under the cross of Christ.

With deep love. May Jesus bring unity.

Sibylle/Daughter of Zion.

-This article is intended to reach churches. I expressly authorize the use, distribution of the content presented in the article in sermons, podcasts, conferences, seminars and retreats of any denomination, including the neo-charismatic movements. Though the content is subject to German copyright law, I allow spreading through written articles and even books in the United States also in terms of free use. May it bring hope, joy and blessing. Sibylle Töller ( Toeller) for -Acknowledgments are a great joy to my heart, but not obligatory.


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The Bible in indirect quotation.

John & Stasi Eldredge in indirect reference to the book titles: Wild at heart/ Captivating.

Foto: AI, Pixabay, KallaNegra, thx.

Worship: Erik Nieder: Reignite


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