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Daughter of Zion-Charity

We all search in the jungle of numerous aid projects for those that are suitable and worth supporting. Daughter of Zion supports individuals through aid projects that give the poorest of the poor a new perspective directly and in the long term 1:1 in the context of disaster relief. All three projects are absolutely recommendable, one of them is the project of the growing community of
The sponsorships offered by the organizations are direct sponsorships, the orientation of prayerandmission is additionally Christian. I ask for support and am always available for further questions. Details about the individual projects and organizations can be found below.

"And the king shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you: Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me." (Mt 25:40)


International Rescue logo.png

International Rescue

"International Rescue IPAM is a worldwide community of people who love Jesus and want to see the world impacted by the love He has given us through the Holy Spirit. We strongly believe that prayer should lead to action, and that now more than ever it is time to reach out to others in need of practical help, healing and encouragement. Since our founding in November 2021, we have built our mission work in Uganda. Other projects in Sri Lanka, Malawi, and possibly the Peshawar region of Pakistan will follow. Our work is supported by two intercessory prayer centers in the UK. Our goal is to inspire and empower others to join our work or start their own project." (Andrew Rudge, IPAM)

In cooperation with IPAM, we have a 10-year-old boy in long-term sponsorship. The ministry is reliable, prayer-based, and wholehearted.



Logo DHS.png

German Humanitarian Foundation

"We help children and young people who were not lucky enough to be born on the sunny side of life. Our current projects are in Georgia (since 2008), Mexico (since 2001) and the Philippines (since 2010).

We help to make a meaningful school attendance possible and support the whole family with food, hygiene material and do youth and social work with our own helpers on site. As far as financially possible, we support emergency medical aid.

In Germany we have a project and youth house (Zweibrücken/Rhineland-Palatinate) where we train and support young people.

We work effectively and still have low administrative costs (15-18% on average, allowed are 30-35%). This is possible because we supplement full-time staff with trained volunteers. (...) We are urgently looking for godmothers and godfathers for our children and young people on the waiting lists and we are urgently looking for friends who support our work through a sponsoring membership, donation or active assistance."


Through DHST, we have had ongoing direct sponsorships since 2008. Currently we are sponsoring a child in Georgia. The sponsorships are direct, contact possible, as well as birthday Christmas gifts and special benefits and direct involvement. Absolutely recommendable.


Mubiru William

The Heart Project of Daughter of Zion
Mubiru William lives with his two brothers in a small village in Mityana called Maanyi in Uganda. There are other younger siblings who are not allowed to live with him because it is not allowed by law.
Mubiru falls through all the nets because he is not classified in the highest level of need. He is HIV positive, his parents are deceased, he takes care of his brothers and with them the whole village when it is possible.
There is no school in Maanyi, and hunger, AIDS and malaria are daily companions - and with them death and misery.

Mubiru's dream is to be able to serve others. He is a newborn Christian and incredibly devoted to Jesus. He lacks everything from mosquito nets to exercise books to regular food. He does not have access to medicine.
He dreams of making education possible, of receiving help and passing it on.
Despite promises from aid organizations on the ground, he is not accepted into any projects.
Accordingly, we support as private individuals and increasingly as Zion Daughter Community with direct payments, the use of which Mubiru reliably proves.
Contact and support ( already 10 Euro monthly secure 15 kg of cornmeal) via
the contact form on my page or via the community  groups on Facebook.

Daughter of Zion asks dearly for support.


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