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Dr. Kenneth E. Bailey

I "stumbled" upon him rather by chance. I was looking for a book that would give me a deep insight into the cultural and sociological background of Jesus' life. Once I got to him, I discovered an incredibly profound, humorous and resolute Christian who combines linguistics with sociology and theology. Not an easy read, not something for in between. Nevertheless worthwhile, because he digs Jesus out of the gospels like an archaeologist and offers explanations and aspects through the cultural background that make Jesus three-dimensional, alive and authentic. Without it- much is lost to us.

The biographical marginal data:

Born Nov. 24, 1930 in Bloomington/ Illinoiis, died May 23, 2016.

Proffessor of linguistics and theology, 40 years lecturer of New Testament in Egypt, Lebanon, Israel and Cyprus. He founded the Institute for Near Eastern New Testament Studies. He was ordained in the Presbyterian Church. In later years he taught at Fuller Theological Seminary in Los Angeles and elsewhere. He belonged to the Episcopal Church and held the office of Canon.




John und Stasi Eldredge

Wild at heart Ministries Colorado/USA

Wild at heart is the ministry of primarily John and Stasi Eldredge.
They are not without controversy - neither here nor in the States.

Be that as it may:
The heart of both belongs to Jesus alone. I love Wild at heart because Jesus has enabled them to set others free to love, to heal, to have an intimate and close relationship with Jesus.

Their motto is mine:
"Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it."(Proverbs 4:23- NIV)

The way John communicates Jesus is 100% true to the way I experience Him.
Since I deeply believe that the Holy Spirit does not contradict Himself, I see no reason to question this sameness in purpose, mission, and heart attitude.

Absolutely recommended for anyone who wants to get close to Jesus. A sincere advise: Whatever they offer is meant to equip you. So you will have to be engaged with their writings, to apply what they offer, to think about and to test everything - and keep the good for you.

Its not all inclusive here- its cooking together with one another and above all Jesus.

Main link:

With deep love and appreciation to both: John and Stasi.


Jesus Freaks

Although I am no longer an active member of the "Jesus Freaks" movement, but am oriented towards house community church and Christian friendships in order to live what I believe, I am still strongly influenced by this church. Loud-shrill-extreme. This is how the Jesus Freaks were often perceived from the outside in the Christian church scene. Authenticity, church not just on weekends, community and relationship instead of religion- so from the inside.

"Be who you are- be creative, be broken, you are still welcome, be free and wild and wonderful, King's Child" could summarize the core message.

The Jesus Freaks are in the same tradition- the way of heart relationship with Jesus- in community and practical, mask-free faith. A community of those who do not want to conform to the world at its core.

"Once Jesus Freaks, always Jesus Freaks".

There's something to that- because once you've tasted grace and freedom, you don't want to go back in bondage.

Link to main page:

Link to the festival:

Link to the founder's page Martin Dreyer:

...and more:

  • Mandy's Blog: Made famous by her shopping cart chips "infinitely loved", daily "soul food" and numerous social calls and practical actions of charity, this blog deserves my recommendation. Link:

  • Worthaus: Worthaus wants to present the current discussions and findings of university theology in an understandable way and guarantee an unbiased view of the Bible. An absolutely recommendable site for all who are hungry for bread instead of cake.Link:   

  • Christliche Seelsorge Akademie (CSA)/ Horizonte e.V.: Pastoral care academy without concept binding. Since I am doing my training there, of course they are to be honored by being linked:

  • Vineyard Cologne: In friendly union with the leaders:   

  • ...and more to follow... 

  • TrulyyoursJen: A fantastic blog of a truly awesome woman: Faith, encouragement, honest, upright, storytelling. Love her, she is amazing.:


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