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New heart| New spirit | New life

Living faith.

Sharing hearts.

Seeking freedom.

Experiencing Jesus Christ.

-The international version of the German blog and ministry-

"You are a God who sees me"

(Genesis 16,13)

"Finally, normal folks here, I'm happy!"

Zionstochter Community Group Facebook/ Comment: Yvonne

Popular  Articles

When Christianity Becomes Torment - Spiritual Abuse

" (...)I had sought help from a Christian therapist a few years ago to digest all of this. After a few sessions, I was called a dregs. And I would only be okay if I conformed to the Christian conservative ideal. I would have to take a social profession, do children's work in a church, maintain a conservative exterior, and be in feminine gentle humility. She was upset that I then dropped out.(...)"
(Anonymous, name known. )


"(...)Then I was told that pastoral care was not biblical, that it was idolatry for self-seeking- self-love would be absolute sin!!! - so I sort of blanked out my wounded bleeding heart , the bitterness, the anger- denied myself and sort of raised myself to be a hypocrite- since it wasn't the truth or be rather that my wounds are already all bandaged up!(...)"
(Anonymous, name known)

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